What’s the reason for Memorial Day and Why Do We Celebrate?

Memorial Day is observed every year in the month of May at the beginning of summer vacation. This year it will it will observe on Monday, May 25th, 2021. Memorial Day has very important for the citizen of the United States. Memorial days is the historical day and its have importance is just more than just a Long weekend.

When is Memorial Day 2021?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in all states of the united states of America. it will observe each year on Monday, May 25th to paying honor to the soldiers of the military members.

American Flag Memorial Day Clipart 2021

Reason for Memorial Day

This day is also known as decoration day because on Memorial day the patriotic citizen of the united states decorates the tomb of fallen heroes and places flags and flowers. It is a Solemn Day on which all the peoples of America make Remembrance the veterans who has died on the battlefield or have retired from the armed forces. Memorial Day started after the Civil War to paying honor and tributes to WWI heroes.

This is not yet clear what is this original place of Memorial day, because there is confusion about it. Some claim that it was originated from Charleston, S.C and some say its Waterloo, N.Y., or Columbus, Ga.

A day to pay Honor and Remember

This may be your priority that how you want to celebrate memorial day. there are some citizens who go outside with family and visit different places and enjoy memorial day weekend. some visit cemeteries and decorated the graves and remember the heroes including men and women who sacrifice for the country.

Memorial Day Parades

Memorial Day is a Federal holiday that is organized under the supervision of the US government. People go outside on the road and gathered to see the Memorial Day parade In all the cities of the US. The reason of this Memorial day prade is to paying respect and honor to the heroes of the armed forces who died while serving the nation of America.

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