What is the meaning of Memorial Day in the USA?

On the last Monday of May every year, Memorial Day is celebrated by the people of the United States to remember all the men and women who died in the military during the service for the country.

What is Memorial Day Meaning?

Memorial Day also called Decoration Day and people visit on this day to cemeteries to decorate the graves of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. Traditionally it is seen as the start of the summer season.

What's the reason for Memorial Day

Is Memorial Day a Public Holiday?

Memorial Day is the public holiday in the US and the school and most general business off on this day. Memorial Day weekend is the opportunity for the people of the US to go on a short vacation. On this occasion, most of the people of the United States visit their friends and family members due to which there is some congestion on airports and highways.

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What Do People Do on Memorial Day?

From dawn to noon, it is the tradition in the US to fly the national flag at half-staff. Most of the people of the US visit cemeteries and memorial to honor the military soldiers who have died during their service for the country. Volunteers place the small national flag on the grave of soldiers in national cemeteries.

Noe this event becomes less of the occasion of remembrance because most of the people hold the picnic, sports event and family gathering on the weekend of this event. Traditionally it is seen at the start of summer for cultural events.

Memorial Day Background

Memorial Day initially start as an event to honor the soldiers of the US who died during Civil War 1. After World War 1, this event extended and people honor all the men and women who sacrifice their life in any war or military action.

Originally Memorial Day is known as the Decoration Day. After World War 2 the name of this event changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day. Uniform Holiday Bill was passed in 1968 to use federal holidays to create the weekend of 3 days. Memorial Day holiday observed last Monday of May since 1971.

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