Is Memorial Day a Public Holiday and What is Open and Closed?

Memorial Day is an official holiday and celebrated each year in the month of May on the last Monday. In the Past it was known as Decoration Day, later on, it named a memorial day. On this day all of the men and women celebrate this day in the memory of their fallen heroes who served in the armed forces of the United States of America. This celebration is taken place at the start of the summer seasons. On this day people visit to the cemeteries along with American flags and flowers for the decorating of the legends graves.

Is Memorial Day a Public Holiday?

Yes, Memorial Day is a public holiday officially commemorate by US citizens. on this special day most of the private and govt organizations including, Schools, colleges, university, banks, and Post Office, etc will remain closed. most of the banks will remain close but there online services like Online banking or ATM will be working.

Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance of the legend including men and women who served the countries and protect the nations. All of the citizens celebrates this day in their own way. Some people like to go to the local cemeteries or memorial places and decorate the grave by placing the American flags and flowers on the military fallen legend’s graves.

Now Memorial Day becomes more then remembrance, because majority of the people choose this day in their picnic plan to go out on different events throughout the week with families. Women like to paint their nails with patriotic flags and it seams that most of the people like to wear white clothes and shoes. These trends will remain from Memorial day till labor day.

What is Open and Closed on Memorial Day?

As you know that Memorial Day is a federal holiday and most of the government and semi-government institutes including schools, banks, and business organizations. There will be no public transit system. Families like to go out on Memorial Day Weekend on visit different places.

Is There School on Memorial Day

Memorial Day observed every year on the last Monday of May. In order to celebrate this day most of the organization including schools colleges or Universities will remain closed. In case of College or university student should also visit the university website for latest update about this event.

Schools are always closed on major events like Christmas, Columbus Day, Presidents’ Day, New Year’s, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving day.

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