How is Veterans Day celebrated in Italy

How is Veterans Day celebrated in Italy? (Happy Day of National Unity Day)

When the Commonwealth celebrates Memorial Day on November 11, Italy celebrates the soldiers who died for the country on November 4. Italy’s Veterans Day is known as the Military Day of National Unity.

How is Veterans Day celebrated in Italy?

Day of National Unity Day of the Armed Forces  (Giornodell’Unità Nazionale Giornatadelle Forze Armate) celebrates the end of Italy’s World War I. National Unification Day is celebrated on November 4th each year to celebrate the battle between the Italian and the brutal Austro-Hungarian troops in 1918.

How is Veterans Day celebrated in Italy

Veterans win freedom and sweat and blood to give us safety and protection. So time and money, generally on Veterans Day, especially on Unification Day in Italy, and on all other 364 days, to give back to those who have endangered their lives to protect the country. Please spend.

Whether you know them in your lifetime or not a veteran, there are many ways to express your gratitude and gratitude. You can donate money to a veterans’ organization or volunteer to take care of veterans. More than 61,000 volunteers reportedly spent more than 9 million hours helping American veterans in 2019.

If you have the time, it’s great to support veterans in your area. Giving meaningful and practical gifts is another way to express gratitude. If you don’t know what to buy for a veteran, you should consider a veteran sweater. They provide a meaningful message that makes veterans love and proud of their services. It’s a small gift, but veterans definitely appreciate how compassionate you are. Here are some of the most prominent ones

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History of National Unity Day

Italy participated in World War I in 1915 with the aim of achieving national unity. For this reason, Italy’s intervention in World War I is also considered the Fourth Italian War of Independence.

In 1919, Italy announced a holiday memorial and dedicated it to the soldiers and the new territory they fought. Nationalists believed that the coalition of these territories, home to many Italians and Italian speakers, completed the unification of Italy and thus became a celebration of “national unification”.

In 1922, shortly after the march to Rome, the party was renamed Anniversario della Vittoria (to commemorate the victory) to emphasize Italy’s military power.

The event has been observed for 101 years since then and is one of Italy’s oldest national holidays and one of the rare holidays celebrated before, during and after the fascist era. Protesters in the 1960s and 1970s protested what was considered the glory of militarism and nationalism, but the celebrations were small but the holidays continued.
In 1977, Unification Day was moved from a holiday to the first Sunday in November, and the holiday was abolished.
From the 1980s to the 1990s, the importance of Unification Day diminished, but in the 2000s, former Republican President Carlo Azelio Champi, who was instrumental in the general evaluation of the national symbol of Italy, was promoted and a holiday. Was further celebrated.

Veterans Day in Italy

How is Veterans Day celebrated in Italy? Want to know how to celebrate Veterans Day in Italy? Want to know how Veterans Day is celebrated in Italy?

On National Unity Day, Italy waving the national flag and begins the celebration. The ceremony will be attended by the mayor of Italy and military personnel, where you can see demonstrations of weapons and martial arts.
The most important event is the military exhibition at Alteredella Patria in Piazza Venezia, Rome, with the help of the President of Italy and the Ministry of Defense.

The head of state dedicates a wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or the stupid Mirite, buried in the monument on November 4, 1921. Other celebrations include a solemn visit to Vittorio Veneto. Vittorio Veneto is where Italy and Austro-Hungary fought the final battle of World War I. Another popular destination for National Unified Day is the Lady Puglia War Memorial, which houses the remains of 100,000 Italian soldiers who fell during World War I. It is dedicated to the honor of the Italians who died there.
There was also an overflow by the Air Force exhibition team and a change of bodyguard outside the presidential residence. Every year, ceremonies are held at the Italian War Memorial and Cemetery. Military rallies are sometimes particularly open to the public, while members of the army hold rehearsals and concerts in the city square. Weapons and World War I exhibitions are regularly held in the barracks.

Final thought

I hope this post can explain how Veterans Day is celebrated in Italy. This is by no means a bad time to give the veterans of your life a meaningful gift and send them a good message to thank them for their service. So you are very grateful for this Veterans Day.

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