Happy Father Day 2022

Happy father’s Day 2023 Images, Quotes, SMS, Poems, Memes GIF, & Complete History

Happy Father’s Day is a very special holiday that is celebrated on 19 June every year. This day is celebrated to show the influence and bond of father on their children. There are many different traditions and cultures around the globe, so they celebrate father’s day according to their traditions.

This day was first time celebrated by Sanora Smart and he celebrated this day for the first time on their Sunday of June in year 1910. It is a recognizable holiday celebrated by the public of honoring fatherhood.

History of Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day is a type of Hallmark holiday that is celebrating around the world by the people. Father’s day was celebrated for the first time on 5 June, 1908, when hundreds of men lost their lives in a mining accident.

Happy Fathers Day 2023
Happy Fathers Day 2023

It was the worst mining history ever in the history of United States of America. There was a daughter who was missing her dad, who died during the mining accident.

About more than 360 men died who were working in the mines. There were about more than 1000 children who lost their fathers and brothers. Therefore, the people started to honor the father’s on this day especially.

When is Father’s Day 2023?

In this year 2022, the Father’s Day will be celebrated on 19 June that is on Sunday. This day is also important because it is the Solstice Day as well. It is best idea to kick off the summer season by wishing your father.

There are many ideas about how to celebrate this coming Father’s Day and we will share all these amazing ideas with you in this article.

Why we celebrate Father’s Day?

Father Day is celebrated worldwide to honor the fathers who have taken the responsibility of fatherhood. This day is celebrated to thanks fathers for their sacrifices, fro embracing the duty of nurturing and raising their children.

The fathers devote their whole life to complete the necessities of their children. They work day and night so their children can get better education and every other thing they wish. Fathers do not worry about their clothes, accessories but they make sure that their kids have all the facilities.

Different countries celebrate father’s day on different days according to their traditions and culture. For example, if we talk about Australia, they celebrate father’s day on the first Sunday of every September.

Likewise Norway, Finland, and Sweden celebrate father’s day on second Sunday of November. There are some countries that celebrate father’s day on 19 of March as well.

Is Father’s Day a National holiday 2023?

Father’s day did not become a widespread holiday around the globe for many years. The first bill was introduced by the congress of the states in 1913. The president also encouraged and gave his opining in favor of the bill. The president was Woodrow Wilson. But, unfortunately, this bill was not passed until the year 1972.

At that time, Richard Nixon was the president of the United States of America. He passed a law declaring that father’s day is a national holiday and it must be celebrated annually around the country. Other countries of the world also celebrate this day, but they celebrate it according to their traditions and culture.

Father’s day activities

If you are also looking for some amazing activities to do on this father’s day 2021, then you are on the right spot. You can try out any of the following ideas and it will make your father’s day memorable and awesome.

There are some activities that we have listed down for you:

  • Spend most of the time of the day with your father
  • Listen to his stories of his childhood
  • Play some indoor games with your father such as cards, table tennis, etc
  • You can also choose to play some outdoor games with your father such as badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc
  • Cook favorite dishes of your father at home
  • If your father likes some readymade dish, such as pizza, burgers then order it online
  • Select some outdoor open place and have dinner together with your father
  • Ask the expectations of your further about your future and try to fulfill them
  • You can also share your fathers burden or loneliness by cheering him and talking about some amazing and new things
  • If you have lost your father, then do not be sad. Pay a visit to your father’s grave. It will give you relief and patience

Go out for fishing

It is the best idea to celebrate this father’s day 2023. As it is summer now and you can take out your father and family for fishing. The father’s should be treated especially on their day. As it is a holiday so everyone will be  available.

Take all your fishing rods with you and if you have a boat then it is a plus point. You can go out on a sea and catch some amazing and tasty fishes. If you are fishing on a coast, then be careful about the water tides. They get deadly sometimes.

Camp under the starry sky

Camping is a great activity to do with your dad. There will be you with your father under the starry sky. This is amazing feeling. This year father’s day is happening be on the same day as Solstice Day.

Solstice day is a day which has the longest day of the year. So you have an amazing opportunity to celebrate your father’s day. Gazing at the stars, under the blanket of sky, you and you father will be relaxed and contented.

Cook Some Amazing Dishes

This is a national holiday so you can take rest and spend time with your father. Cook some amazing dishes to surprise your father. These small actions of the children make fathers extremely happy. They will be proud of their children. You can try different recipes such as fish taco, ribs, salmon, pork chops, chicken wings, sandwich, baked beans, etc.

You can also try out some baking such as cookies, pastry pie, oatmeal cookies, and many more. The list does not end here because you can always add some extra recipes. Try to make your father’s favorite dish on
this father’s day 2023.

Happy father’s day wishes

This year father’s day is coming on 19 of June i.e. on Sunday. You should be looking for father’s day fishes. We will give you some of the amazing and beautiful wishes that you can send to your fathers.

Send a happy father’s day wish to your father at the start of the day. Fathers are the real superheroes, send them wishes such as god protect them and bless them.

Having a cool and amazing dad is blessings so do not forget to mention this in your wish. You can get some of the wishes online as well that are written especially for this wonderful occasion. Send a note to your dad thanking him for all his unconditional love and sacrifices.

Father’s Day poems

You can celebrate father’s day by making some amazing artsy-crafty cards. You can add some amazing poems form the internet about father’s day or you can write one poem by yourself for your father. You can add some amazing lines for your father as well.

You can tell how lucky you are to have such an amazing person as our father. The fathers from their children by wisdom and love. The relation of a child with a father is very beautiful and no words can do justice to this relation.

We all know that a father is a person who looks up to his children all his life and it does not matter how tall or old the child gets. The father still treat s their children the same way.

This relation is full of love and affection and care. Some father sometimes does show aggression to their children, but it is for their betterment. They do this to stop their child from getting into any

Father’s day gifts ideas

The children can never give father anything that is equivalent of their love, care and affection. But, if you want to give some amazing gifts to your father then we can give you some amazing options. Listed below are few of the things that you can gift to your father on this special occasion:

  • Books are best companions and it is the best gift that you can give to your father.
  • Flowers are also special and they will make the occasion special for father
  • Buy a card and write poems and quotes on it regarding father’s day
  • Gift an album of his photos and all of your family
  • Get a photo framed of your father and put it in the wall of your house.
  • Buy any fragrance of your father’s choice and gift it to him
  • You can also buy a T-Shirt or jeans that are your father’s favorite
  • Get a nice wallet or watch for your father
  • Don’t ever to forget to celebrate father’s day by cutting a cake. It is the best and amazing way to celebrate father’s day.

Happy Fathers Day 2023 Quotes for Facebook

Enlist down there is the best list of father’s day quotes for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Happy Fathers Day 2023 Quotes for Facebook
Happy Fathers Day 2023 Quotes for Facebook
  • Happy Father’s Day 2023to you, Dad! Thank you for always taking up my side in any argument and saving me from mom’s scolds till now!
  • A Fatherhold his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever. Thank you Dad
  • No one ever thanks you for all of the little things that you do. The roof over our head, lights in the hallway, and boogey-man free closets. I love you.
  • To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter. Euripides


Every year father’s day is celebrated around the globe where families give special gifts to their fathers. Even a small gift from child matters a lot for the father. The feeling of fathers cannot be explained by words.

They are real superheroes of their children and family. They protect and shield their families in difficult and harsh times. They need to be treated with love and care.

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