Universities and Private School’s Best Scholarships for Military Veterans Dependent 2021

The word veteran comes from the Latin word Vetus that means ‘old’. A veteran is any person who has experience in an occupation or any particular field. Similarly, a military veteran is a person who has [provided his services for military purposes.

A military veteran who has taken part in the war is defined as a war veteran.  These veterans give their selfless services to their country. Hence, the government provided them certain facilities as their reward such as scholarships for their children.

Each scholarship provided has its criteria and eligibility requirement and if the children meet those requirements then they can get their education for free.

Best Scholarships for Military Veterans Dependent

It has become very difficult for children belonging to an average family to get a higher education. Luckily, many scholarships are being provided to children of veterans and in this article, we have compiled some of the best scholarships. So that you can easily get the scholarship that you qualify for without any hunt.

scholarships for military children spouses and veterans

Veterans United Foundation Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to all the surviving spouses and children of veterans. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 31, 2021. This scholarship is being provided by the United State Armed forces to the dependents of veterans that are worth $20000.

There are certain criteria for the children. They must be studying in any school, college or university. The student can be enrolled in any degree such as a bachelor’s, doctoral degree, graduate degree, or any other degree. The dependent of a veteran will have to fill the application form first and should give all the details about financial needs.

MG James scholarship fund

This scholarship is also provided to the dependents of veterans and army soldiers. There is an age limit that is 23 years for the dependent. He/ she must be currently enrolled in any of the colleges or universities.

The children acquiring this scholarship must be unmarried. The last date to apply for this scholarship is April 1, 2021. The student must also have a good record of his education years with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Folds of Honor Scholarship

This scholarship is available to the children of veterans. The children must be enrolled in a school in 11 grade or younger. This scholarship is different from others. It is provided to assist the student in college but he has to enroll earlier to get the award. The deadline for this scholarship is 1 April 2021 and the award is worth $5000.

Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship Program

This scholarship is provided to the dependent of veterans from the state of Alabama. The veteran must have served in the military or is honorably discharged from the military.

The reason for his discharge can be any service-connected disability. The veterans with a disability rating of 20 % or more can easily qualify for this Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship Program.

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The veteran must be a permanent resident of the Alabama state or he has lived at least one year in the state with his family members. Following conditions must be met to get the Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship Program:

  • The children must be the current resident of the Alabama state or he/ she must be living in the state before two years to apply for the scholarship
  • The veteran must be the current resident of the state who is serving in the force or has been discharged 12 months before applying for the scholarship
  • The children must meet the requirements of the university or college he is applying for.

Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association Scholarship

This scholarship programs provides scholarships to the children and family members of a person who is serving as a veteran in the forces of a country. The student must be graduating from a high school with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

The student must be planning to enroll in some good and accredited college or university for further studies. These scholarships are given to the selected candidates and selections are made on different bases such as achievements, leadership, scores, etc.

The student has to fill out the application first for federal student aid and the program owners will get in contact with the student soon.

Private school scholarships for military dependents

The military scholarship program provides the children an opportunity to attend their favorite college or university. It is very difficult for an average man to fulfill the expenses of their children’s higher education. Therefore, scholarships are provided so that the children will be able to complete their studies and make a bright career in the future.

AMVETS Scholarships

AMVET has announced its Amvets national scholarships for veterans, active-duty veterans and their dependents such as their spouses, children, and grandchildren as well. These scholarships are provided to eradicate the gap created in the path of education due to financial setbacks.

The applicants, however, have to meet all the eligibility requirements. If you are eligible then you can fill out the application form and complete the online application before the deadline. The deadline for this scholarship is April 30, so you must hurry and get this scholarship.

Academic Top Scholars Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to all dependent children of veterans but the age limit is 24. The spouses of active-duty members are also eligible for this scholarship. With the help of this aid, the student will be able to complete their higher studies without worrying about the tuition.

Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) Program

This is one of the best-known programs that provide the opportunity to children to complete their education with up to 45 months of benefits. The minimum age requirement is 18 years and the maximum is 26 years.

The student must belong to a veteran who is either serving in the military or has died due to any service-connected disability. The child can be an honorably retired veteran.


The veterans are very important assets of the country. They provide services for the military and other forces of the country. Therefore, government and other private organizations recognize them for their contribution and sacrifices. One way of doing this is to award the money for the higher education of their children. The children must apply for these scholarships and complete their studies to get a good position in their lives.

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